Sinetrol® Xpur 

Sinetrol® Xpur is a citrus extract standardized in polyphenols. It is supplied in a powder for tablets and capsules. Sinetrol® acts as a fat burner, stimulating the release of free fatty acids from the adipocytes. Sinetrol® inhibits the activity of the phosphodiesterase PDE which increases the catabolism of triglycerides from the adipocytes into free fatty acids and glycerol, then released in the bloodstream and burnt by the metabolism.



Fytexia is a supplier of natural innovative botanical extracts to the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Fytexia offers antioxidants with ORAC values as well as ingredients that burn fat, support cardiovascular and joint health and provide for energy, vitality and well-being. Applications include functional foods, food supplements, beverages, dairy products and baked goods in the Mediterranean diet.



Fytexia Natural Ingredients

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