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NEWmega™ Blackcurrant Oil Cosmetic Grade 

NEWmega™ Blackcurrant Oil Cosmetic Grade is a clear pale yellowish oil, with a typical in taste and smell that originates from the Ribes Nigrum species. It is dutch refined, bleached, deodorized and winterized from mechanically cold pressed and/or solvent extracted Blackcurrant seed. This product has a moisture amount of max. 0.1 % and a residual solvent amount of less than 1 ppm. It is GMO free and no antioxidants have been added to the oil.




De Wit Speciality Oils has been involved in oil production and seed cultivation for 36 years. Their products include vegetable Oils Omega-6 Oils (GLA), Omega-3, 6 Oils (SDA, ALA & GLA) Omega-3 Oils (ALA) and other speciality oils. De Wit Speciality Oils also offers custom oil blends and formulas.


De Wit Speciality Oils

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