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Guaraná Seed Dry Extract ≥ 22,0% Caffeine (Partially Added) 

Guaraná Seed Dry Extract ≥ 22,0% Caffeine (Partially Added) has the ability to cure countless diseases, ailments, and other physical and mental problems. This product has many benefits, including speed up metabolism, burns fat cells, helps with pain, boosts mental abilities, and blood thinning, anti-platelet, and anti-thrombosis. This product is an energy booster because it contains about two-tree times more caffeine than found in the coffee beans (about 2-4,5% caffeine in gurana seeds compared to 1-2% for coffee beans).




FlaNat Functionals & Chemicals provides natural ingredients for functional foods and nutraceuticals in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. FlaNat Functionals & Chemicals products include acai, pineapple, ashwagandha, instant teas, cissus, gotu kola, lutein, curcumin, boswellia, tribulus and more. Each product has different qualities that benefit health. FlaNat’s tea extracts are green tea, wulong tea, black tea and white tea.


FlaNat Functionals & Chemicals

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