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Tribulus is not hormone, but it stimulates production of testosterone hereby stay up in optimal level. It means that is very suitable for people with insufficient production - low calories diet or older athletes. The production of testosterone during the life is going down. Athletes are using Tribulus terrestris to help ensure their own natural levels of testosterone are at a normal level all time. It has a positive effect on strength and stamina. Tribulus is promoted as a testosterone booster for the purpose of building muscle and increasing sex drive as well.




FlaNat Functionals & Chemicals provides natural ingredients for functional foods and nutraceuticals in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. FlaNat Functionals & Chemicals products include acai, pineapple, ashwagandha, instant teas, cissus, gotu kola, lutein, curcumin, boswellia, tribulus and more. Each product has different qualities that benefit health. FlaNat’s tea extracts are green tea, wulong tea, black tea and white tea.


FlaNat Functionals & Chemicals

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