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Fuerst Day Lawson Bakery: Bakery Concentrates

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Fuerst Day Lawson Bakery: Bakery Concentrates are widely used in bread recipes, bread toppings and crisp breads. These specialist blends are combinations of grains such as millet, seeds (including sunflower, linseed, sesame and poppy), dried fruits and vitamins.

With its unique ability to source and process ingredients, FDL is perfectly placed to produce specialist blends tailored to its clients’ exact needs. These bespoke blends enable bakers to keep ahead of consumer taste, while also maintaining quality.


Fuerst Day Lawson is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality Food and Beverage ingredients with superior taste, nutritional value, and microbiological safety. Its offerings include fruits, bakery concentrates, flavored seeds, desert enhancements, juice blends, vanilla flavorings, and grains. FDL also manufactures vitamin fortification premixes for energy drinks, neutraceuticals, and more.




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Fuerst Day Lawson

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