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Fuerst Day Lawson Whole Foods: Beans and Pulses

Fuerst Day Lawson目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Fuerst Day Lawson Whole Foods: Beans and Pulses are popular for their health-giving properties, and are sold to packers and food manufacturers for use in soups, ready meals and dried retail packs. Beans come mainly from China or North and South America. FDL’s range includes borlotti beans, black beans, black eye beans, canellini beans, dark red kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans and soya beans.


Fuerst Day Lawson is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality Food and Beverage ingredients with superior taste, nutritional value, and microbiological safety. Its offerings include fruits, bakery concentrates, flavored seeds, desert enhancements, juice blends, vanilla flavorings, and grains. FDL also manufactures vitamin fortification premixes for energy drinks, neutraceuticals, and more.




Fuerst Day Lawson

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