ScanPro™ P5505 Natural Dehydrated Pork Stock (Fine Ground) 

ScanPro™ P5505 Natural Dehydrated Pork Stock (Fine Ground) is a finely ground, injectable, and highly functional, high protein ingredient derived from pork tissue. P5505 is produced under USDA inspection, can improve the quality of processed meats, and is easy to use and store. Applications include fresh meat cuts, marinated case-ready or ready-to-cook products, emulsified products, whole or restructured hams, coarse ground and fermented products, meat patties, seafood, soup, sauces, and functional ingredient mixes or blends.




Essentia is all about proteins. Proteins that will enhance your food products. Proteins that will boost the richness and flavor of your soups or sauces. Or "metabolic proteins" that will beef up the effectiveness of your sports nutrition brands. Our mission is to create and deliver value through innovative product and protein solutions. And we are doing that every day. Driven by innovation and supported by our expertise and technical know-how we aim to ensure that you get real value through real innovation.


Essentia Protein Solutions (formerly BHJ Protein Foods)

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