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70 DHA Ultra TG


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70 DHA Ultra TG is comprised of both DHA and EPA - marine lipids that are essential contributors in promoting and maintaining health for all life stages. This product is often used in capsules or food supplement formulations. It provides a simple, cost-efficient way for product formulators to develop high DHA formulas targeting each life stage, providing health benefits important to each market segments, pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adulthood and aging.


GC Rieber Oils, Inc. produces essential marine lipid products for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. GC Rieber offers a range of high-quality VivoMega omega-3 concentrates. These have excellent EPA and DHA ratios and up to 90% omega-3 levels. The VivoMega concentrates offer exceptional heart and cognition health benefits as well as joint and pain relief. Applications are functional foods, supplements and beverages.




GC Rieber Oils Inc.

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