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Corn Bran is a nutritious way to add whole grain appeal to your food products and a great alternative to traditional fiber sources. Corn Bran provides you with consistent, high quality total dietary fiber. Our insoluble fiber is a food-grade, preservative-free, natural product that is light in color and presents a slight nutty taste. HarvestGold Corn Bran is the perfect fiber additive, and is a low-fat, low-cost alternative to other grain fiber products. It is a good addition to cereals, breads, healthy snack foods, breakfast bars, dietary foods and drinks, and geriatric foods.



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Didion Milling has nearly 40 years experience in all areas of the grain and milling industry. They provide a variety of dry corn products and conventional lines of grits, corn bran, meal, flour and pre-gelatinized products. Didion's Research and Development team is ready to customize products that are tailor made to meet their customer's needs.


Didion Milling

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