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Lactepi 25 G.1 


EPI Ingredients

Lactepi 25 G.1 is a dairy based product with 25% milk protein content. It is a fluid and homogeneous creamy white powder with a clear taste and flavor. Lactepi 25 G.1 is well suited in the ice cream industry (especially for the extruded products). It provides from 70% up to 100% of the non fat milk solids and is used in the prepared dishes and sauces industries.




For over 20 years, Epi ingredients has been offering dry dairy ingredients to food markets worldwide.

Epi Ingredients is the brand of the dry ingredients division of Laïta, a cooperative company based in the west of France and subsidiary of Even, who transforms the milk from the members of Even, Terrena and Triskalia.

Since then, Epi Ingredients has been the brand of Laïta’s dry ingredients division. These ingredients are manufactured in 4 industrial facilities located across Brittany in the towns of Ancenis, Créhen, Yffiniac and Landerneau.

Our Dairy Ingredients Department uses its expertise to provide technical support to our customers. Thus, the industrial, R&D, sales and marketing teams do their utmost to meet the needs of our customers. We also have expertise that enables us to make innovation a core value and to achieve greater efficiency and performance.


EPI Ingredients

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