Curd Cheese Powder 


EPI Ingredients

Curd Cheese Powder has a dairy base that is fermented with mesophilic lactic bacteria and then with a multi-stage dryer spray dried. This flavoured curd cheese powder is especially used in the convenience foods and bakery industries. Its functional proteins enhance the structure of sauces and the softness of cakes for the convenience foods and bakery industries.




EPI Ingredients is a global manufacturer of raw materials for use in dairy ingredients, in the Food and Beverage Industry. This Company offers products obtained through various processes such as fermentation, neutralization, coagulation, pasteurization, as well as spray drying. EPI Ingredients brands include Curd Cheese Powder, Magnesium Caseinate 880, Skimmed Milk Powder 914, Whey Powder Food Grade, etc.


EPI Ingredients

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