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Springarom® BF 7004/30-PW



Springarom® BF 7004/30-PW is a spray-dried (fine powder) process flavour derived from yeast extract. It develops a typical beef juice flavour. The yeast extract used in the manufacturing of Springarom® BF 7004/30-PW is obtained by autolysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, specially grown on a molasses based media. It is applied in: stocks, soups, sauces and gravies, convenience foods, meat and fish products, biscuits, baked goods, chips, crisps, savoury snacks, seasonings, flavouring blends and formulations, and savoury premixes.


With more than 160 years of expertise, Biospringer is the global producer of natural flavor bases and flavor building blocks. We bring to food producers the most comprehensive yeast derived product range with our yeast extracts, dried food yeasts, natural flavors and more. Biospringer is a LESAFFRE Company, significant player worldwide, for the design and production of yeast solutions for the bakery, nutrition and human care industries.




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