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Lactoferrin is a protein usually present in milk and in human secretions, well-known for its high bactericide and antibacterial power. Premium Lactoferrin is extracted directly from milk and not from by-products like most of the lactoferrins present on the market.

Premium Lactoferrin is extracted directly from premium quality fresh bovine milk, highly purified, a controlled process preserves the original qualities of the protein and maintains its high functional properties, and has a lower iron saturation than main market products.

Premium Lactoferrin is fully water-soluble, and used in dietary supplements, oral care products, and functional foods.




Ingredia Nutritional is a developer and manufacturer of enhanced Food and Beverage ingredients. Its CarbLite™ botanical bioactive is clinically shown to help reduce body weight and size by reducing the digestion and absorption of simple and complex carbohydrates. Ingredia Nutritional’s Lactium® milk protein hydrolysate contains a bioactive peptide with stress-relieving properties.



Ingredia Nutritional

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