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Magnasweet® 180 

Magnasweet® 180 has a taste profile that is sweet with a decreased lingering sweetness. Attributes for this ingredient allow for the finished product to be effective at masking aftertastes, intensifying and extending sweetness, enhancing flavor, and masking off odors. This product is ideally used for pharmaceuticals, marinades, high protein drinks, soy products (liquid and powdered forms), sugar-free products, and nutraceuticals. Magnasweet® 180 is a white to off-white crystalline powder that has a dosage range of Sweetness Modulation 0.002% to 0.03%, Masking Aftertaste 0.005% to 0.05%, and Flavor Enhancement 0.002% to 0.03%.




Mafco Worldwide Corporation has been the world leader in quality licorice products since 1850. The Company specializes in manufacturing licorice extract and related derivatives used in various consumer products including tobacco. The Magnasweet line of products are multifunctional ingredients imparting sweetness, intensity, and prolongation as well as enhancing additional desirable flavors and masking any undesirable flavors in beverages, foods, pharmaceutical and personal care products.


MAFCO Worldwide LLC

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