Kidney Bean (Whole Bean: Shell & Bean) Extract 4000 Units 



Kidney Bean (Whole Bean: Shell & Bean) Extract 4000 Units is a brown-white fine powder that is partially soluble in water. This product has a loss on drying of Min. 5% and an assay of ratio extract/plant 10:1.



Monteloeder is a global, multinational company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of ingredients and formulations for the nutrition and cosmetics industry since 1996. Their area of expertise includes Mediterranean botanical extracts as well as custom formulation services that we develop in our GMP and ISO 7 certified facilities. Development of new, innovative ingredients is at the heart of their future expansion with two of their key branded ingredients (PLX® and Nutroxsun®) already having successful sales in different countries across the globe. In short, they provide an interesting offer of products and services to satisfy the needs of functional foods and food supplement companies.



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