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ETENIA™ is a functional starch obtained through a unique treatment with enzymes and in most cases may be labeled as ‘potato starch’. ETENIA™ has been devised to offer hydrocolloid functionality with distinct benefits in creaminess, thickening, gelling and process requirements. The advantages apply across a diverse range of market sectors including dairy, emulsified systems, savoury and confectionery. Beyond health and wellness, ETENIA™ makes it possible to meet the latest consumer needs for function and texture in the areas of premium, indulgence, clean label and convenience.


Avebe produces and supplies quality starch and starch specialties around the world. Some of the products they offer are potato starch, pregelatinized potato starch, amylopectin starch and modified starch. Avebe controls their entire production chain, from the development of new potato varieties to the processed potato starch that they market.




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