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ELIANE™ is AVEBE’s unique amylopectin starch and is obtained by classical plant breeding techniques at our own institute AVERIS. ELIANE™ offers unique textural attributes, combined with high clarity and an excellent taste profile. ELIANE™ is a ‘waxy’ potato starch containing more than 99% amylopectin which offers unique textural attributes combined with high clarity and a great taste profile. This makes ELIANE™ an excellent ingredient line for the development of high quality foods. ELIANE™ combines the superior functionality that potato starch is renowned for, with a unique twist - a short, shiny texture! The experts at AVEBE developed a range of ELIANE™ products to answer all the needs of the manufacturer while keeping in mind the needs of the consumer.


Avebe produces and supplies quality starch and starch specialties around the world. Some of the products they offer are potato starch, pregelatinized potato starch, amylopectin starch and modified starch. Avebe controls their entire production chain, from the development of new potato varieties to the processed potato starch that they market.




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