Oleova [8001-17-0] is a natural egg oil extracted from standard hen eggs with a modern technology. It is high value added oil, containing + 4% cholesterol, for use in dietary supplements, infant foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Oleova is 100 % natural chicken egg oil. It has tremendous application in hair care, skin care and burns and wounds treatment. This product is a yellow to amber colored, clear to hazy liquid with a mild characteristic odor of egg.




VAV Life Sciences is an incorporated life science Company with worldwide exposure across nutritional supplements and food ingredients to different novel undertaking innovations. Their four main product groups are lecithins, mixture of polar and non-polar lipids utilized essentially as emulsifiers; phospholipids, from both soya and egg; natural extracts, which help give a more predictable, stronger and more powerful ingredient; and flavor oleoresins, which are acquired through dissolvable or CO2 extraction of the powdered dried flavors.


VAV Life Sciences

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