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Grain Millers目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

CereSweet #40 Organic CGFMCS4099 is a nutritious cereal-based sweetener with unique properties, including fat replacement and flavor enhancement. It has all of the nutritional attributes of oat flour and the sweetness of malted grain. It is derived from organically certified oat varieties through a proprietary enzymatic process. With a dextrose equivalency of 40, CereSweet #40 may be used as a sucrose-free sweetener at 6% in breads, or from 16% to 20% in extruded cereals. It can also be used in low fat ice cream due to CereSweet #40's high level of maltose (35% to 40%), thereby providing color stability and minimizing crystallization.

Miller's CereSweet products are manufactured from pre-selected, clean sound oats from the northern regions of North America and Scandinavia. The oats are carefully sized and dehulled with the objective of producing the highest number of whole oat groats. The groats are steamed to deactivate enzymes and milled. Proprietary enzymes and natural mixed tocopherols are used as processing aids to produce the finished product. CereSweet is creamy yellow-white to light brown, and it has a clean, sweet, mild malt flavor.


Grain Millers is a leading producer of conventional and organic whole grain ingredients. Their grains include oats, barley, wheat and rye, which are milled into flours, brans, flakes and fibers for use in a wide range of Food, Beverage and Nutrition products. Grain Millers also markets dairy products such as butter, cream, cheese, whey, lactose and buttermilk, as well as other specialized ingredients.




Grain Millers

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