Promod™ 194SP 



Promod™ 194SP is a fungal neutral peptidase suitable for use in the secondary hydrolysis of proteins initially solubilised by broad spectrum general proteases. It is ideal when a reduction of peptide size and removal of bitterness is required contributing greatly to flavour development and control in enhanced savoury flavours. It is useful for non-meat products and eggs where foaming ability can be improved by a minor modification of the egg white proteins. This product is a brown powder.



Biocatalysts manufactures specialty enzyme options and custom enzymes for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Enzymes provide excellent benefits including increased yield and throughput, solving filtration problems, reduced waste and size of process plants and improving flavors and textures. Application can be found in dairy products, fruit and vegetable processing, functional protein manufacture, brewing and baking.



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