Lipomod™ 36P 



Lipomod™ 36P can be used in dietetic formulations to relieve the symptoms of digestive disorders. Lipase enzymes attack dietary fats and oils in the small intestine to produce simpler fatty acids and glycerol. These are taken up by the intestinal mucosa and utilised by the body to generate energy.

Lipomod™ 36P is supplied as a standardised powder convenient for tablet and capsule production. It has good stability between pH 3 and 8 and so if taken orally with a meal will survive passage through the stomach into the small intestine where it is not inactivated by bile salts. This product is a white to off white powder.



Biocatalysts manufactures specialty enzyme options and custom enzymes for Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Enzymes provide excellent benefits including increased yield and throughput, solving filtration problems, reduced waste and size of process plants and improving flavors and textures. Application can be found in dairy products, fruit and vegetable processing, functional protein manufacture, brewing and baking.



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