Sorbic Acid 

Sorbic Acid is a white needle crystal, that has a characteristic odor. This product can be oxidized and colored if exposed to air for long time. It has a melting point of 132℃~135℃, and a solubility of (20℃,g/100mL): glacial acetic acid 11.5; ethanol 10; propanediol 5.5; peanut oil 0.9; glycerin 0.3. It is hardly soluble in water.

Sorbic Acid is a new, safe, nontoxic and effective food preservative. It is an unsaturated fatty acid that can participate in normal metabolism function, can be oxidized to water and carbon dioxide, and does not accumulate in the human body. Its toxicity is only half that of salt, with 1/40 of sodium benzoate. This product is ideal as a preservative, stabilizer and antioxidant.




Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co., Ltd. is a supplier of ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Their main products include food and feed additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, pigment and dye intermediates, and various organic chemicals. With an emphasis on technology, industrialization, and innovation, they continuously strive to improve their products.


Nantong Acetic Acid Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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