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Plant Lipids

Oleoresins are used mainly as a flavouring agent in the food processing industry. They are more economical to use, easier to control for quality and cleaner than the equivalent ground spices. Oleoresins are more stable when heated. The main products in a spice oleoresin plant is oleoresins of chilli, pepper, ginger and turmeric. The co-products are the corresponding spice oils, which are widely used in food and pharmaceutical industries. Plant Lipids offers customers oleoresins in both, oil soluble and water soluble forms. Active principles and volatile oil levels can be adjusted within a range as per customer requirements. This product is Kosher certified.


Certification Statement


Plant Lipids is one of the largest manufacturers of natural food, essential oils and spice extracts across the globe. They are also the largest manufacturer and exporter of Oleoresin Capsicum world-wide. Their product list includes whole and ground sterilized spices, micro-encapsulated products, specialty extracts, natural food colors, essential oils and oleoresins.


Plant Lipids

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