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Plant Lipids

Floral Concentrates is made with essential Davana Oil and has a very rich, penetrating, warm, uniquely herbaceous aroma, with a touch of fruity note. It is a speciality essential oil used in high value flavour and perfumery for its unique aroma and fixative properties. Davana is reported to have medicinal properties used for fighting infection and calming nerves in aroma therapy. Davana oil should be used in small concentrations within your blends as it is high in ketones; if not sufficiently diluted, it may sensitize or irritate skin.

Plant Lipids is a major global supplier of floral extracts to perfumeries and fragrance manufacturers world wide. Stringent quality control and time tested sourcing and extraction processes ensures the preservation of the delicate fragrances of every blossom that we use in the manufacture of floral extracts.


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Plant Lipids is one of the largest manufacturers of natural food, essential oils and spice extracts across the globe. They are also the largest manufacturer and exporter of Oleoresin Capsicum world-wide. Their product list includes whole and ground sterilized spices, micro-encapsulated products, specialty extracts, natural food colors, essential oils and oleoresins.


Plant Lipids

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