Kapa 1000 


Armor Proteines

Kapa 1000 presents excellent emulsifying and binding properties. Emulsions are stable during heat treatments. Stabilisation of sauces and soups containing fat or no fat can not be obtained solely with glucidic components. Because of the freezing and severe heating stages, these products must have a perfect emulsion as well as a stabilization of the gel due to the cooking stage. This product is usually used in formulations poor in water and fat and in sauces at a neutral pH.



Armor Proteines offers a wide variety of nutritional and functional ingredients. They specialize in milk fractionation and some of their products include medium to high viscosity caseinates, texturising proteins, economical milk powder substitutes and also whey derivatives and demineralized whey. Armor Proteines offers supportive and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of it's customers.


Armor Proteines

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