Sodium Caseinate 


Armor Proteines

Sodium Caseinate is manufactured from fresh skimmed milk. The curd is solubilized and spray dried. These highly purified proteins present a good nutritional value and excellent functional properties (emulsion, thickening). This product is often used in dietetics (infant formulas, hospital nutrition, and adults), meat and fish industry, sauces (emulsions), dairy preparations for ice cream, biscuits, pastry, and dairy products. The percentage of sodium in it is approximately 1.3%.



Armor Proteines offers a wide variety of nutritional and functional ingredients. They specialize in milk fractionation and some of their products include medium to high viscosity caseinates, texturising proteins, economical milk powder substitutes and also whey derivatives and demineralized whey. Armor Proteines offers supportive and innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of it's customers.


Armor Proteines

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