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Couplet Sugars

Delicasso Brown Sugar is a crystal sugar made from sugar beets. There are 5 types with 5 different tastes. This product is a flavour enhancer and provides nice coloration of the end product. It has fine particle size for a perfect smoothness and the moisture prevents drying out of end product while it improves shelf life.

This product is used for biscuits, cakes, pastries, desserts, confectionery, salted recipes and brewery.

Range includes, Delicasso® D1 Blond has a Light blond colour and delicate flavour. Delicasso® D3 is golden in colour and has an intense taste of caramel. Delicasso® Bl Brown has a soft and genuine aroma, smooth and full taste. Delicasso® Bc Brown Fine, with candy sirup. Delicasso® Br is a deep brown colour with a strong flavour.




Couplet Sugars is a manufacturer of a wide range of innovative speciality dry sugars made from crystal sugar. Some of their products include fondant powders, pearl and coated sugars, brown and coloured sugars as well as bee feed sugar. Couplet Sugars' research and development team also offers support to their customer's product creations and innovation process.


Couplet Sugars

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