Refined White Crystal Cane Sugar 

Refined White Crystal Cane Sugar by Al Khaleej is a refined white crystal cane sugar. It is produced by refining high quality cane raw sugar. Benchmarked against EEC-2 Specification, it is free flowing granulated, refined white crystal sugar that retains the food value of pure sucrose due to optimum degree of refining under hygienic conditions. Refined white crystal cane sugar is a versatile product which can be used as an everyday sweetener for direct consumption, as well as a sweetening ingredient for all kinds of beverages and soft drinks, confectionery and processed food, pharmaceuticals and industrial products.




Al Khaleej Sugar is a sugar refinery in the Arabian Gulf Region. They supply raw sugar, sugar syrup, mollasses and refined sugar. Al Khaleej Sugar offers three grain sizes of refined sugar and their syrups are derived from crystallizing sucrose out of melted raw sugar at the beginning of the crystallization of sucrose.


Al Khaleej Sugar

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