Sugar Syrup 

Sugar Syrup is derived from the crystallization of sucrose out of melted raw sugar at first crystallization of sucrose. The total sugar as invert would be 70 - 74% instead of 48% in normal molasses. Sugar Syrup being a rich energy feed could be well incorporated in cattle and poultry rations.

The main application of this product is in the animal feeds sector due to its rich energy content. The product is sold in tankers to customers who are in the animal feed sector. It is also available in HDPE barrels.




Al Khaleej Sugar is a sugar refinery in the Arabian Gulf Region. They supply raw sugar, sugar syrup, mollasses and refined sugar. Al Khaleej Sugar offers three grain sizes of refined sugar and their syrups are derived from crystallizing sucrose out of melted raw sugar at the beginning of the crystallization of sucrose.


Al Khaleej Sugar

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