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Organic Flat Parsley 


Negev Spices

Organic Flat Parsley is an alternative to the conventional agricultural methods, producing quality products using a friendly environmental approach. It is based on a combination of traditional agricultural methods together with scientific and high-tech agro-techniques. This Organic type of farming enhances the environment instead of fighting against it. Organic Flat Parsley has a quality range of size 1-8 and size 10-30. It is a bright green powder, with an aromatic scent.




Israel Negev Spices is an international supplier of herbs and spices used in the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. This company has a lot of experience in advanced professional production of Sweet Paprika Powder, Hot Paprika, Green Herbs, and Organic Paprika. These products meet international standards of quality control, and they are widely used in meat products, seasonings, soups, and more.


Negev Spices

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