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Flavours For Confectionery


Flavours For Confectionery are attractive combinations for all types of sweets: chewing gum, marshmallows, jelly sweets or chocolates. In our search to create personal and original flavours, Eurofragance has launched a new range of floral aromas, with traditional combinations based on rose, jasmine, lavender and lilac. The trend for international flavours, which is on the increase, has led us seek new unknown aromas, such as tropical fruit combinations or spicy sweets for international markets. We create endless flavours


Eurofragance is a global manufacturer of flavoring agents for use in the Food and Beverage Industry. This company specializes in combining raw materials to create natural, high quality flavors that meet consumer demands. Eurofragance's brand of flavoring agents include Berries Flavours, Flavours For Bakery, Flavours For Confectionery, Flavours For Dairy, Flavours For Fish & Seafood, and Flavours For Meat.



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