Darmex Casing

Polyflex® is a one-layer, thermoshrinkable polyamide that can be used for all types of cooked and non-smoked sausages. It makes a very good barrier for oxygen, steam and UV radiation, protecting products against loss of original form and aroma for a period of at least two months. It is flexible, has mechanical strength during the filling and clipping processes, virtually no weight losses when stored in refrigerator, and is temperature resistance.




Darmex Casing Ltd. was started in 1997. Initially, the company focused exclusively on shirring various polyamide sausage casings. The will to develop and determination led to introduction of numerous changes which allowed to start a production of polyamide casings under brand names: POLYBAR 5® and POLYMINI®. In the following years these products were constantly improved while knowledge and experience established the company’s position on the Polish and foreign market. To meet Your needs and expectations we created products of the highest quality, which was confirmed by EN ISO 9001 Certificate we were granted in May 2004.



Darmex Casing

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