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Black Smoked Spice Coating BBP/78 


Henning Würzer

Black Smoked Rice Coating BBP/78 is used in the meat industry to produce a black smoked coating. The source material of this product is cooking salt and sugar, and it is produced through a smoking method of production. This product is a grey-brown powder with a spicy, very smoky smell and a very smoky, salty taste. The smoke flavorings are made from natural food bases, e.g. salt or sugar, which are exposed to natural smoke from smoldering beech wood until they have absorbed the required quantity. Black Smoked Spice Coating BBP/78 is insoluble in cold water due to the flour content.




Henning Würzer provides a wide selection of smoke flavorings for savory and sweet tastes in Food, Beverage and Nutrition. Henning also produces flavorings for customers who require special flavors or preserving agents for specific needs. The smoke flavorings are made from natural bases of salt or sugar and exposed to natural smoke from beech wood. Henning’s preserving agents are offered in liquid or powder form.



Henning Würzer

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