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Empure® KF 1500 

Empure® KF 1500 is a clean label, cold swelling, yellowish potato flake made by roller drying process, unseasoned and unsalted. Empure® KF 1500 allows the developer to create food products with a quality similar to potato flakes containing additives. Additionally Empure® KF 1500 meets full criteria for requirements of sustainability.

In combination with our clean label food starches Empure® Emsland Group helps the customer to be in the comfortable situation of offering clean label products without labelling of E-Numbers. It can be used in snacks, mashed potatoes and pasta.




Emsland-Stärke GmbH produces potato starch, refined starch, fibres, proteins and potato flakes and granulates for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Starches, proteins and fibres are used as binding agents, thickeners, emulsifiers and stabilizing additives in food products. Emsland-Stärke’s products have application in confectionery, potato and dairy products, canned food, baked goods, and many more.



Emsland-Stärke GmbH

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