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L-Carnitine Calcium Fumarate is a new compound of L-Carnitine as nutritional additive, which is stable and less-hygroscopic. It has the nutritional functions of both L-Carnitine and calcium to the body. It is often used in human and animal nutrition products. This product is a white solid powder that is water soluble, has no odor, and is very stable.

The three components in L-carnitine Calcium Fumarate have biological effects individually: L-carnitine effects weight loss, eliminating liver fat, heart health care, anti-aging, positive to infant health, enhances sports performance, releases fatigue syndrome, improves male reproductive ability; and promotes lipid soluble vitamins, calcium and phosphorous absorption. L-carnitine and calcium combined to have synergy function. Calcium is a kind of important micro element, calcium is closely related with brain emotions, blood pressure, vision, digestion, detoxification capacity, hormone secretion, and so on; calcium deficiency will reduce skin elasticity, increase sports injuries, calcium adding could promote fat-burning, and accelerate the speed of weight loss. Fumarate is the metabolism intermediate of citric acid cycle (also called tricarboxylic acid cycle, Krebs cycle) in body as energy substance.




KoncepNutra is a manufacturer and supplier of nutritional ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates for food and beverage applications. They supply L-Carnitine products (bases and derivatives), as well as sweeteners, herbs, nutritional ingredients, vitamins, and amino acids. With an ISO9000 and HACCP compliant production facility, the company is able to produce high-quality products for customers worldwide.



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