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Giralec INS 



Giralec INS is an instantizing agent, custom blended of sunflower lecithin (E-322), vegetable oil and food grade mono-diglycerides (E-471). Oil like fluid product, amber colour.

In instant products that contain cocoa powder, Giralec INS covers the fat particles with a hydrophilic film, allowing the water to wet and disintegrate the agglomerates. Due to its low viscosity, the product is easily incorporated by nozzle spraying, giving a more homogeneous coating and a better distribution than with standard lecithin. All the components, exception made of cocoa powder, are preblended and sprayed on with a portion of Giralec INS. Afterwards, cocoa powder is added and the rest of Giralec INS sprayed on. If products are agglomerated previously, it can be added all at once. The recommended dosage is between 1% and 2% based on final product.




Lasenor is a manufacturer of high-quality products for the food and beverage industry. They supply soya lecithin, non-GMO soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin, rapeseed lecithin, glyceride esters, citric acid esters, acetic acid esters, diacetyl tartaric acid ester, and polyglycerol esters. These products find use in bakery, pastry, confectionery, chocolate, instantizing, snack food, dairy, meat, and cake gel applications.



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