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Artiflex is an innovative formulation of Curcumin, the most active principal of Turmeric (curcuma longa l.). Resulting from several years of research and development, Artiflex is a unique composition, combining Curcumin and β-cyclodextrin, leading to a marked improvement in uptake, with doses of Curcumin of 3.705 mg bio-equivalent to 1,200 mg of non-complexed curcumin. Artiflex will contribute to joint wellbeing by relieving pain, and protecting cartilage from breakdown. Taken long term, over time Artiflex will help improve flexibility and contribute to healthy joints.


BioXtract's expertise is in the development, production and marketing of dietary supplements with proven health benefits. Some of the products they offer include curcumin, quercetin, xanthins, allysulfides and vinyldithiins extracts. BioXtract provides complete and regularly updated scientific reports, full backgrounds on the targeted treatment area, recognition by international scientific committees and leaders and regulatory and marketing support.




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