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Praylev™ Aerocal 90 


Prayon S.A.

Praylev™ Aerocal 90 has a monocalcium phosphate anhydrous food grade and is a white, granular, free-flowing product. It's used as a delayed release calcium based leavening agent and leavening acid for self-rising flour, self-rising corn meal pancake flour, and prepared cake an muffin mixes.




Prayon S.A. manufactures a wide range of phosphates for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Phosphates are essential for health and growth and are building blocks for DNA, teeth, bones, cells and the nervous system. Benefits include regulating the body’s acidity, helping vitamin absorption and preventing fat deposits in arteries. Prayon also manufactures calcium, sodium and potassium salt.


Prayon S.A.

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