Kasomel™ 1113 


Prayon S.A.

Kasomel™ 1113 has a phosphates blend food grade and an appearance of hygroscopic white powder without foreign matters. The Kasomel™ 1113 is an alkaline buffering emulsifying salt. It is very close to Kasomel™ 1112 but requires the double quantity to shift the pH to a same extent. Therefore, Kasomel™ 1113 is used for productions where the strong hygroscopic properties of Kasomel™ 1112 are to be avoided.

The Kasomel products are melting salts especially designed to act on dairy proteins. Their action on the protein is defined by the ion exchange capacity and the creaming capacity. The ion exchange induces the hardening of the melted cheese. A high ion exchange capacity is advised in case of block cheese production. In turns, a high creaming capacity is looked for in case of spreadable processed cheese production.




Prayon S.A. manufactures a wide range of phosphates for the Food, Beverage and Nutrition industry. Phosphates are essential for health and growth and are building blocks for DNA, teeth, bones, cells and the nervous system. Benefits include regulating the body’s acidity, helping vitamin absorption and preventing fat deposits in arteries. Prayon also manufactures calcium, sodium and potassium salt.


Prayon S.A.

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