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Sodium Caseinate 

Sodium Caseinate is a high quality milk protein product. It is manufactured from freshly pasteurized skim milk through acid precipitation of the casein followed by neutralization and drying. The product can be either white or milk white and has little to no milk smell. Common uses for Sodium Caseinate include: cream liqueurs, nutritional beverages, processed cheese and spreads, soups, whipping agent, non-dairy creamer, and processed meat.


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Huaan Biotechnology Group is a company involved in the import and export trade of agricultural products, sales, bio-product research and development and production of products for the food and beverage industry. Products include Casein glue, Dry casein glue, Cream, Class A casein milk, Milk casein level, Edible casein, Industrial casein, Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate, Casein phosphopepetides and Acid hydrolysis of casein.


Huaan Biotechnology Group

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