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Casein Phosphopeptides 

Casein PhosphoPeptides (CPP) is a white powder that contains no impurities, and has no odor. It avoid clumping and is easily dissolved in water. This is a milk-derived product that is proven to enhance mineral absorption from food and beverage products, improving consumers' overall uptake of important minerals such as calcium. This product is heat stable and does not impact the flavor or quality of food. It can be used as an ingredient in healthy and nutritional products, milk products such as fruit milk, infant nutritional rice powder, high calcium biscuits, nutritional oatmeal, gum products, and anti-decaying & strengthening toothpaste, beer, aerated beverages.


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Huaan Biotechnology Group is a company involved in the import and export trade of agricultural products, sales, bio-product research and development and production of products for the food and beverage industry. Products include Casein glue, Dry casein glue, Cream, Class A casein milk, Milk casein level, Edible casein, Industrial casein, Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate, Casein phosphopepetides and Acid hydrolysis of casein.


Huaan Biotechnology Group

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