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Fruitose MS®


Galam Group目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

Fruitose MS® is a Non GMO, food grade crystalline fructose, derived from sugar. It keeps cakes and cookies moist, is highly soluble, has a lower viscosity and also acts as a flavor enhancer. Fruitose MS® is the sweetest natural choice for producers of high quality foods and beverages such as jam, yogurt, baked goods, energy drinks and baby food. Fruitose MS® differs from the other Fruitose by having a crystal size of 200-600 u.


Galam, Israel’s market leader in the manufacture of Fructose, Glucose and Starch has grown and flourished along with the country’s growing need for its products, in both the food and industrial sectors. Their products include Galam HiSweet® Stevia, Glucose Syrups, Food Starches, Fruitose® and other tailored made solutions.



Galam Group

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