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Antox BHA


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Antox BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole) is a white to slightly yellow waxy flakes having a characteristic odour. It is freely soluble in alcohol, propylene glycol and insoluble in water. It is the most effective antioxidant, imparting excellent stability for an array of food products, fats, shortenings, vitamins, pet foods, cosmetics pharmaceutical products and packaging materials. Antox BHA, reduces the oxidative deterioration of edible oils and fats, loss of flavour, colour and nutritive value of foods.


Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS ltd.) is focused on being the largest international food ingredient and antioxidant manufacture. They are the second largest marketer and manufacturer of food grade antioxidants TBHQ and BHA in the world. CFS ltd. have been manufacturing their products since 1985 at an FDA approved plant at Tarapur in India.



Camlin Fine Chemicals

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