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Iron Rice® Coated Rice Premix LG WG WE-19497 

Iron Rice® Coated Rice Premix is a natural grain based fortificant which contains iron and other vital nutrients. This coated rice kernel premix utilizes proven rinse-resistant grain technology, delivers nutrients at a lower addition rate than synthetic grains, and it is extremely stable under hot and moist conditions.

Iron Rice® is designed for delivery alone or in combinations of long-grain, medium grain and second-head rice grains. The color and bulk density is identical to natural grains, eliminating segregation when combined with unfortified grains. This product maintains nutritional value even after cooking, and it permits customization to fortification profiles required by various international food regulation and aid agencies.




The Wright Group specializes on hands-on development, formulation, and manufacturing of custom nutritional blends or premixes that are designed to enrich a variety of products for the Food and Beverage Industry, including functional foods, breakfast cereals, dairy and non-dairy-based meal replacement beverages, nutritional bars, sports nutrition products, infant formulas and daily multivitamin supplements.



The Wright Group

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