SuperTab® Direct Compressible Granulations 

SuperTab® direct compressible granulations are designed to deliver essential nutrients in uniform free-flowing granular powders ideal for high-speed tableting processes. They supply desired nutritional levels in concentrated dosages. This product possess excellent stability & consistency within tablets & exhibit improved tableting characteristics

Supertab® Direct Compressible Granulations can be incorporated into custom drum-to-hopper tablet blends, creating a single-step addition which increases productivity and reduces errors throughout the production process. These products are stringently manufactured to deliver uniform particle distribution and high bulk density.



The Wright Group specializes on hands-on development, formulation, and manufacturing of custom nutritional blends or premixes that are designed to enrich a variety of products for the Food and Beverage Industry, including functional foods, breakfast cereals, dairy and non-dairy-based meal replacement beverages, nutritional bars, sports nutrition products, infant formulas and daily multivitamin supplements.



The Wright Group

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