55 Gal. Drum Prune Juice Concentrate 

55 Gal. Drum Prune Juice concentrate is a pure water extract of prune concentrated to minimum 70 brix (70% fruit soluble solids). At this brix level, the product is self-preserving and does not require refrigerated storage. The sugars in D’Agen type prunes are absolutely unique in the fruit world. Approximately 15% of the total sugar in prune juice concentrate comes in the form of sorbitol, while it contains less than 1% sucrose.

This product has a variety of applications including as a humectant for baked goods and meats, shelf life extender in baked goods and meats, bulking and flavoring agent in sauces and meats, flavor potentiator for enhancing meat and chocolates, coloring agent, and a sweetener with high reducing sugars as it contains virtually no sucrose.



Nutritional & Analytical Information

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Sunsweet Growers Incorporated produces dried fruits for the Food and Beverage Industry. Through processing and extraction, they largely manufacture a variety of dried prune products including Pitted Prunes, Diced Prune Pieces, Prune Powder and Fiber, as well as Prune Juice Concentrate. These high quality preservatives improve flavor while reducing fat in sauces, baking, meats and confections.



Sunsweet Growers

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