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52 Gal. Drum Dried Prune Puree


Sunsweet Growers目前只在以下作出標識的區域展示其產品資料:

52 Gal. Drum Dried Prune Puree is a dark brown, smooth, lump free puree that has a characteristic tart fruity prune flavor. This product has a moisture content of 25.0% max. Dried Prune Puree is primarily designed to be used as a complete or partial replacement for butter, oil or shortening used in baking.

This product is not to be used in frying as it has no more than 30% of its calories derived from fat. This product can be added to existing baked food recipes to enhance moisture retention, flavor, and shelf life. It can also be used as a nutritionally superior replacement for caramel color and molasses.


Sunsweet Growers Incorporated produces dried fruits for the Food and Beverage Industry. Through processing and extraction, they largely manufacture a variety of dried prune products including Pitted Prunes, Diced Prune Pieces, Prune Powder and Fiber, as well as Prune Juice Concentrate. These high quality preservatives improve flavor while reducing fat in sauces, baking, meats and confections.




Sunsweet Growers

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