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52 Drum Fresh Plum Concentrate

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52 Drum Fresh Prune Plum Concentrate is made with fresh plum juice from mature prune plums of the "Pruneaux La Petite d'Agen" variety. Fresh Plum Concentrate has a red color and a sweet light taste that makes it suitable for applications where color can be an issue. With sorbitol, and soluble fiber, it is ideal for juice blends, syrups, sauces, snack foods and energy bars.

52 Drum Fresh Plum Concentrate has functional benefits in meat processing applications where it serves as an inhibitor of food pathogens and a shelf life extender. Fresh Concentrate has demonstrated enhanced moisture retention in packaged meats, significantly reducing or even eliminating requirements for phosphates in some products.


Sunsweet Growers Incorporated produces dried fruits for the Food and Beverage Industry. Through processing and extraction, they largely manufacture a variety of dried prune products including Pitted Prunes, Diced Prune Pieces, Prune Powder and Fiber, as well as Prune Juice Concentrate. These high quality preservatives improve flavor while reducing fat in sauces, baking, meats and confections.




Sunsweet Growers

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