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Lalilab, Inc.

L-Carnosine is a healthy skin enhancer that attenuates the aging process, protects against protein degradation, rejuvenates senescent fibroblasts, prevents free radical damage, and treats oxydative stress. It is used in the USA, Europe, & Asia in anti-aging supplements, creams, serums, and tablets.

L-Carnosine is an antioxidant that protects against lipid peroxidation and helps protect cell membranes. It is also anti-glycating, which quences carbonyl compouds. It is also involved in the anti-cross-linking of proteins.


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Lalilab, Inc. sources new, innovative, and high-quality raw materials for food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical applications. They provide botanicals, marine products, pharmaceuticals, textures, fibers, and fine chemicals. The company has built relationships with numerous suppliers and manufacturers in order to guarantee quality and outstanding service for their customers.


Lalilab, Inc.

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