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Actiplants® Cognitive- Rhodiola


Actiplants® Cognitive- Rhodiola supports the cognitive performance, especially in stressful situations. The scientific evidence of Rhodiola rosea extract in addition to the EFSA proven properties of zinc lead to unique product properties.

As an adaptogen, Rhodiola rosea extract increases resistance to stress non-specifically. It improves mental performance and the ability to concentrate in stressful situations. Rhodiola rosea extract has an anti-fatigue effect and may improve energy metabolism in the brain.


Symrise is a world-wide supplier of functional ingredients, raw materials, cosmetic active ingredients, flavorings and fragrances. They have given important product segments a clear and defining image with specific brand name concepts. These include think mint®, discover chicken®, that's onion®, simply vanilla®, BrewTopia® and naturally citrus®.




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